Tech Update - 11 December 2019

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Apple Wheels

What do you think wheels for the Apple Mac Pro cost?

Before guessing (assuming you don't know already) you need to know these are optional, and are used to move your Mac Pro around the office, instead of having to pick it up.

Also before guessing, there doesn't seem to be anything special about the wheels.

Ok, so the answer is $400! That's according to Tech Radar.

That's a lot of money. But then again, anyone who has the money to buy a Mac Pro probably has the money for $400 wheels.

Mac Pro costs:

  • The cheapest Maco Pro costs $5,999.
  • A maxed out Mac Pro (with all the add-ons and best configuration) costs $52,748.
  • If you buy a separate monitor (which costs $4,999), you need to buy an additional and separate monitor stand costing $999.

You can buy your Mac Pro here!

Links: Tech Radar, Apple

Old School iPod Wheel On Your New School iPhone

Remember the iPod? Remember the wheel that it used to have, which allowed you to scroll through menus and songs?

Well, if you remember it, and you'd like to use it again, you're in luck!

According to The Verge, a new app called Rewound lets you scroll through songs like the old iPod. It only works with Apple Music for now (so no help with Spotify).

Links: The Verge, Rewound

The Ā (Un)Coolest Cooler

Coolest Cooler have finally given up, and they won't be providing their product to backers and customers, that's according to Vice.

What is Coolest Cooler: It's a cooler to cool your drinks at the beach or a picnic, that was launched on Kickstarter. At the time it was the biggest Kickstarter launch, raising over $13 million.

What happened: Like so many Kickstater campaigns, the company failed to deliver the goods, even though millions were raised.

In short:

  • Biggest Kickstarter campaign at the time, with more than $13 million raised.
  • Coolers were promised to be delivered in 2015.
  • In 2016, they admitted they couldn't deliver, asked for more backing (money).
  • Now they blame the trade tariffs between the US and China, and so won't deliver the coolers.
  • Backers will get $20 back.

Links: Vice, Kickstarter

VR Sales Are Up Thanks To Oculus Quest

VR has been the 'next big thing' for a while now. But actual sales have always been disappointing.

That might be about to change (a bit): VR headset sales increased 31% to $2.1 billion, thanks to the $399 Oculus Quest (owned by Facebook). That's according to CNet.

In short:

  • Oculus Quest costs $399, doesn't need to be connected to a computer like many other high end VR devices.
  • Oculus was bought by Facebook for more than $2 billion.
  • Oculus has other devices, including the cheaper Oculus Go and the high-end connected Oculus Rift S.

Links: CNet, Oculus

Google And Facebook No Longer In Top 10 Best Places To Work

Google and Facebook have long been high up in the best places to work list. In fact, Google and Facebook are well known for great perks at the office including slides, free food and day care.

But now, Google and Facebook have dropped out of the top 10 best places to work. That's according to Bloomberg.

This is probably due to the bad publicity that the tech companies have been getting lately. With Google firing 4 activist workers, and Facebook involved in various privacy scandals.

Links: Bloomberg, ABC News

YouTube Bans Discriminatory Insults Ā 

As a result of a spat between Vox journalist Carlos Maza and YouTuber Steven Crowder, in which Crowder insulted Maza many times based on sexuality and race, YouTube has now banned discriminatory insults from its platform, as reported by the BBC.

YouTube already had a policy which banned various insults and threats in videos, but now they've added the following to the list:

  • Veiled or implied threats.
  • Simulated violence.
  • Insults based on race, gender expression or sexual orientation.

Lets hope YouTube (and social media in general) is a happier place in future!

Links: BBC